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“I’m Row. I’m passionate about sound and storytelling, and have over 25 years of writing and creating under my belt, from freelance to agencies like GREY, Paper Stone Scissors, ThinkTank Social, Chewy Creative, Weber Shandwick and more”. 

Row is experienced in all facets of podcast production, from scripting, recording (in person or online, and in or out of studio), editing, sound design, mixing, original music composition, sourcing stock sound, copywriting & show notes and publishing to Acast, Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts and the like.

Row is Melbourne-based, and has worked with organisations like 3RRR, Broad Radio, ABC Radio Melbourne, BBC Radio London, and a broad range of direct corporate clients.  

The Conversation Hour with Richelle Hunt

Is it time for our fish and chips menus to change?

Did you know we consume just a fraction of the fish species in our waters? In today’s Conversation Hour Richelle Hunt and co-host Jeremy Story-Carter explore whether we should be eating some of the overlooked fish species, in a move towards reducing overfishing and improving ocean sustainability.

ABC Radio, The Conversation Hour with Richelle Hunt

Should 'Veticare' be introduced to help reduce costs of vet bills?

Owning a pet is expensive, but with the rising cost of living, animal shelters have noticed an increase in dogs surrenders with their owners saying they can no longer afford them.

The Animal Justice Party has proposed a Medicare style system to help people pay for pet health care and vet bills, so would that help take the pressure off veterinarians and pet owners?

ABC Radio, The Conversation Hour with Richelle Hunt

Why is a 'wellbeing economy' important?

Research is being done globally into into the idea of a wellbeing economy, starting with a wellbeing budget, and the concept is already being trialled.

How does it work? And could it help relieve the rising cost of living?

ABC Radio, The Conversation Hour with Richelle Hunt

How productive lives turn into homelessness for Australian women

Women over the age of 55 are the fastest growing demographic of homeless people in Australia.

And current research estimates that more than 400,000 women over the age of 45 are at risk.

What are the contributing factors? And what are the short-term and long-term solutions to stop this avalanche of older women falling into homelessness?

ABC Radio, The Conversation Hour with Richelle Hunt

Designing for digital safety & TikTok's data harvest